Leafiny Documentation


The logs are managed by the Leafiny_Log module.

Quick log

Anywhere in the code, use App::log to log any data in the default log file:


The default log file is var/log/system.log. The default log level is INFO. Set the log level in the second argument:

App::log('azerty', Core_Interface_Log::DEBUG);

Expected levels:

  • CoreInterfaceLog::EMERG : Emergency: system is unusable
  • CoreInterfaceLog::ALERT : Alert: action must be taken immediately
  • CoreInterfaceLog::CRIT : Critical: critical conditions
  • CoreInterfaceLog::ERR : Error: error conditions
  • CoreInterfaceLog::WARN : Warning: warning conditions
  • CoreInterfaceLog::NOTICE : Notice: normal but significant condition
  • CoreInterfaceLog::INFO : Informational: informational messages
  • CoreInterfaceLog::DEBUG : Debug: debug messages

Add log in a custom file

Use a custom log file name with Log::file method:

Log::file('azerty', Core_Interface_Log::INFO, 'hello.log');

Here the log file is var/log/hello.log.

Note: App::log is a shortcut to Log::file without the possibility to set the file name.

Add log in the database

The Leafiny_Log module allows to add a log message in the database. This is useful for accessing the log in the admin.


The log messages are stored in the log_message table.

Access the log messages in the Admin > Logs section of Leafiny Admin.

Avoid to log exceptions in the database log system, add only informative messages.

Custom log system

Create your custom log system by overriding the log_file model class. This class is instancied when App::log or Log::fileare used.

This is useful for adding an email alert or a third party log tool like Sentry or New Relic.

/** modules/Vendor_Module/etc/config.php **/

'model' => [
    'log_file' => [
        'class' => Vendor_Log_Model_File::class
/** modules/Vendor_Module/app/Vendor/Log/Model/File.php **/


 * Class Vendor_Log_Model_File
class Vendor_Log_Model_File extends Log_Model_File
     * Add Log
     * @param mixed  $message
     * @param int    $level
     * @param string $logFile
     * @return int
    public function add($message, int $level = self::INFO, ?string $logFile = null): int
        // Custom code

        return parent::add($message, $level, $logFile);

See Leafiny Sentry Log module for a full example.